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Our Fight Against Systemic Racism

Y'all. I'm tired. All respectability politics are out the window as I write my peace. The recent and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others continue to expose a raw wound within the black community. A deep wound that has never been addressed or healed despite all of the sacrifices made by our elders and ancestors. As we continue to find our footing within a system that was never built for us, we have come to boiling point where we can no longer turn the other cheek to the continued racial injustices committed against our people. Injustices that are rooted in the disease that is white supremacy and racism.


The systems of oppression built against us are multi-fold. From police brutality, the war on drugs,  mass incarceration, healthcare inequality, lack of access to clean foods in poor, urban communities, education disparity, wealth gaps, and so much more, these systems are deeply entrenched into the fabric of our society. And now as the world watches and rallies with us, we have another opportunity to make real, radical change toward racial equity and liberation. 

We must continue to educate ourselves, mobilize in the streets as well as in the voting booths, and continue to fight the system. This will be an enduring journey and many of us will not see it through the end, but we will take our stand and make our voices heard! 

The Happy Herb Tea Co. will be releasing three limited edition tea blends to help fight racial injustice. 100% of profits will go to racial justice initiatives and local organizations. Purchase a tea and join our Facebook Collective, Fight The System With Tea, and meet other individuals ready to get educated and mobilized!

With that said, I pray that we utilize the four elements of nature respectfully during this time. Fire to destroy what's unjust, water to cleanse and heal the deep wounds, earth to grow a new way of life, and air to inspire and cultivate the wisdom to maintain it.


In solidarity,

Courtney Cherae

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