Stainless Steel Bombilla Tea Infuser Spoon

Stainless Steel Bombilla Tea Infuser Spoon

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  • BUNDLE CONTENTS: Two 6.1" stainless steel Bombilla straws with built in strainers to filter out any loose leaf tea ensuring all the tea leaves remain in the cup and not in your mouth. Utilize the included stainless steel and nylon cleaning brush to clean out the bombilla periodically.
  • DRINK: Insert the bombilla into your favorite tea mug or glass, pour your water in, and start sipping through the straw. The built in strainer allows just the infused tea to flow through the straw, leaving the tea leaves behind.
  • EFFICIENT: Use the bombilla to drink any loose leaf tea, specifically Yerba Mate. The bombilla acts a reverse infuser keeping the tea leaves on the outside of the strainer rather than on the inside. The bombilla also acts as a spoon to scoop out any fruits or flavors included in infusions like the cold infusion Terere from Paraguay.
  • VERSATILE: Use the bombilla as an everyday metal straw in a variety of drinks including mixed summer drinks like mojitos, lemon ginger teas, and mixed fruit drinks. The straw is reusable and saves you from using any other equipment to filter out the original tea leaves or fruit.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY - We are fellow mate drinkers and are proud of our products and the quality behind them. If you are unsatisfied in anyway, contact us and we will be sure to make it right.
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